Aug/Sep 1998

e c l e c t i c a   n o n f i c t i o n


In the Drink: The Bar at the Windows of the World
'The decor is not as important as the panorama beyond the outer two walls, composed of a row of glass panels, looking out over the city and Upper New York Bay. The term breathtaking applies. The newcomer enters the bar and gasps.'
Bruce Bentzman

Otoliths, Icthyology and Fish Slime
Chapter Three
and Chapter Four
'And so I became Dairusan, the first American woman Observer the KYOWA MARU had ever had on board.'
Dail Bridges

Alice Munro: The Short Answer
'So what is a short story, what is a novel?'
Alex Keegan

Greenland is Not Bigger Than South America
'On that morning, I was jolted awake before sunrise, convinced in a moment of groggy confusion that the world was coming to an end. From what I can tell, it didn't... '
Rolf Potts


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