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Really a Place

children's poem by Roy Shifrin

Really a Place

There is that place where bluebirds bite
Where spiders sing all through the night
Furry Teddy-bears there strangle tots
Sharp-eyed rats uncover plots

There is that place where dollys tease
Where Poison Sumac sweet-scents the breeze
Cozy fires singe and burn
Ugly witches to be loved just yearn

There is that place where fun's called chore
Where the ignorant teach, learning's a bore
Youth change places with the old
The poor have closets filled with gold

There is that place where kisses kill
Where beating don't hurt and never will
Apple trees refuse their fruit
Pirates door to door hand out their loot

Ah, What a place for all to dwell
Some may call it heaven others hell
But you who read these words are wise
And know that poems are often lies

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