March/April 1998

Tom Dooley co-edits Eclectica, teaches high school English, and coaches wrestling in Tucson, Arizona.

Chris Lott co-edits Eclectica, scans his junk mail for patterns, and works as an instructional technology specialist in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Arlene Ang I am presently living in Manila, Philippines and working freelance. I write poetry, short stories and English translations of Italian texts. My works have been accepted in in Zuzu's Petals Quarterly On-Line, LiNQ, Oyster Boy Review and others.

Shaggy Bob may possibly have the world's biggest ego, but it's backed with the wisdom beyond any mortal means. He has answers to all questions. And he's never wrong.

Anthony Lee Brown is currently serving a life sentence at the Spring Creek Correctional Facility.

Dancing Bear is of Chippewa and Swedish ancestry. His poems and art have been published in many journals, including upcoming issues of Zuzu’s Petals Quarterly, Slipstream, and others. He is a contributing editor of Disquieting Muses.

Timothy Boring is a freelance writer living and working in Charleston, West Virginia. He is the copy editor for The Blue Moon Review and a member of the editorial staff for Bicycle West Virginia Adventure Guide.

Mark Davis has had short fiction and poetry published by The Cimmaron Review, ¶ - A Magazine of Paragraphs, and Pig Iron Press. His first play was produced in 1996 by the Sonoma County Repertory Theatre.

Charlie Dickinson lives in Portland, Oregon, and works at the Multnomah County Library as a reshelver of books.

Paul Haslup obtained a Lit. degree from The University of Maryland—College Park, and is still trying to find a way to turn that into a career.

Philip Hyams is an Israeli/Canadian poet, novelist and artist currently residing near Tel-Aviv. His first novel Canaan Barred was published in 1995 by Tell Books - New York/Toronto and his poetry has been published in a number of print and electronic journals.

Kyle Jarrard is an editor at the International Herald Tribune, and has lived and worked in France since 1981. His first novel, Over There, was published by Baskerville in 1997. His short stories have appeared in various magazines, including the North American Review, Mississippi Review Online Edition , and others.

Alex Keegan Born Wales 1947, Alex always wanted to be a writer but managed for 45 years to avoid completing anything. On his 45th birthday he decided to get serious and give it five hard years. Five months into his SECOND five year plan he has five mystery novels and another 90 publications worldwide. He edits World Wide Writers, a dead-tree quarterly and writes a monthly How-to column for the Internet Writers Journal.

Harriet Klausner hasn't told us about herself, but she writes good reviews!

Mark Leeper publishes MT Void, a weekly science fiction newsletter as well as movie reviews all over the net.

Rich Logsdon has taught English at the Community College of Southern Nevada for over twenty years. Currently, he is the editor-in-chief of Red Rock Review, a new small journal that is sold coast-to-coast. His story is one of a number of Las Vegas stories that he hopes to publish in a collection in the next two or three years. He received his Ph. D. at the University of Oregon.

Don Mager has published some 250 original poems and translations from Czech and German over the last 30 years, including two books: To Track The Wounded On (1986) and Glosses (1995).

Lee Moskow is a senior at UCLA majoring in psychology/philosophy.

Chris Null is a writer and media critic based in Austin, Texas. He is a Contributing Editor for Film for Mike's Feedback an Austin, Texas monthly. In addition to writing, Null Set Productions (the film production company he began with his brother) produced its first offering in Fall 1996.

Chuck Nyren has works nailed to the ether in Pogonip, Generator 21, The Yardbird Reader, and earlier issues of Eclectica. His pieces in the latter are usually categorized as 'non-fiction'—which makes him either the greatest fiction writer on earth, or the worst. He's not sure which.

Scott Ruddick is an award-winning freelance magazine writer who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. When he isn't reading magazines as research for his In Print column, he writes for a variety of print and on-line publications.

A. E. Sadler lives and writes in Southern California.

Fanoula Sevastos is a writer by night and a public relations specialist by day. Her work has been published in various electronic journals, including Disclosures and Compass Rose Review, and will also appear in future issues of Conspire and others. Fanoula resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ann Skea is author of Ted Hughes: The Poetic Quest (UNE Press, Australia).

Keith Snow is thirty-one years old. He works and lives in Des Moines, Iowa.

Travis Talley is a student at the University of West Florida studying Anthropology and English. He also edits the i Sold My Soul to Confusion9 poetry website.

Doug Tanoury grew up in Detroit and still lives in the area. Doug has been published in Writer's Digest, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, Poetry Magazine, Agnieszka's Dowry, Recursive Angel, and others.

Paul Wolborsky is a writer living in Silicon Valley, California. He is currently writing skits for the Radio Mimes project. He plans to write his first novel to be released sometimes around the Millenium, if the Apocalysts are wrong and we're still around. He vehemently denies any similarity with the character in "One-way Ticket", stating "I've only passed through the midwest a couple of times, I've never been a waitress, never joined a Beauty Pageant although I've been told I have 'Flying-Pig-Odds' of winning, and I don't recall being a woman recently." He can be found on America Online (keyword: Triviana). He wrote this profile.