e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y

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Four Poems
"this palace in the yellow city
full of dying men piled up in trenches..."

Paolo Maurizio Bottigelli (trans. by Arlene Ang)

Two Poems
"Finally, waiting for full twilight,
the raccoons and skunks came last,
in from the night and the weedy hills."

Steve Van Cleave

Two Poems
"or the new drunken cook
betting how long he’ll last ..."

Dancing Bear

"daze of senses
a waist of

Paul Haslup

Six Poems
"We sit Shiva while bombs fall all around..."
Philip Hyams

The Period of Problems
"Clear + Lonesome like a golden gypsy girl..."
Lee Moskow

Wet and Dying Under a Singular Sun
"... walled in and closed boxes
like cardboard arteries only made in the U.S.A."

Travis Talley

Portrait of Madame Cezanne
"But she sits for him as he paints
Cursing him as he works..."

Doug Tanoury

The Fiddler and His Lady
"He made his fiddle a lady
in the exhaled haze of a Dingle pub..."

J. Kevin Wolfe

There is a Place
"There is that place where kisses kill
Where beating don't hurt and never will..."

"Dark" Children's poem by Roy Shifrin

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