Jan/Feb 2004 Miscellaneous

Gender Discrimination: A Complaint

by Liliana Alba

I write to you in response to the essay on trigenderism submitted by Darby Larson.

It is not my intention to stir debate on the issue nor to launch into a scientific piece of research but rather to lodge a well-founded complaint.

The learned colleague has expanded on the sexual nature of the zheman but has chosen for reasons that escape me to ignore completely the existence of the weeman.

I will not enter into a detailed description of the weeman's anatomy; it will be enough to say that these creatures have two vazhinas. One of the vazhinas is fertile for reproduction, whereas the other one is as useless for such purpose as that of the zheman.

Weemen, same as Zhemen, engage in sexual threesomes with either men or zhemen, showing a marked preference for men. This is understandable since having sex with two zhemen would make the intercourse difficult to bear, as it would involve five beings in the coitus. Weemen do not enjoy sexual intercourse with other females.

Weemen, same as their human counterpart, are discriminated against for various reasons.

The weeman preference for human males does not foster their popularity in the zheman world. This preference coupled with the fact that the weeman lacks a zhenus renders them inferior in the eyes of zhemen.

Moreover, their distaste for sexual intercourse with females attracts strong condemnation from religious institutions since by refusing to be bucked and scrunched in a pious way breaks the eleventh commandment of the faith.


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