Jan/Feb 2004

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A Bone to Pick with Bowling for Columbine
The main premise of Bowling for Columbine is that if we could take all the bullets and turn them into little chocolates and give them to Michael Moore, then he would be happy. But we don't, because we're a bunch of assholes who want to horde all the chocolate for ourselves.  
Will Manuel


Gender Discrimination: A Complaint
The learned colleague has expanded on the sexual nature of the zheman but has chosen for reasons that escape me to ignore completely the existence of the weeman.  
Liliana Alba


The Birth of an Anti-Semitism: Mel Gibson and the Crucifixion of History
While it may seem premature to conclude that Mel Gibson's movie will do the same to Jews as D.W. Griffith's film did to blacks, there are frightful parallels that cannot be ignored. Only by exploring these themes early on can their impact be alleviated.  
Tom Rogers


In Lieu of "Preference"
I told my correspondent that in my view it's an impossibility to have literary depth in the "typical" Bella story, so of course they would fail in a competition where I was the judge. "But," I argued, "that is NOT 'preference' or 'subjectivity.'"  
Alex Keegan


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