Jul/Aug 2003

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words rabbit, heaven, immune, and brick.
Includes a special invitation for the next issue.


Two Poems
Women like to measure
with some accuracy. Men
estimate, always toss in more
than is called for.
John Reinhard


Three Poems
This closed room spins
with sparrows and finches swarming
the quick walls.
Rob Yeatman


Two Poems
Why should I blame the war? The war
did not betray my trust. I never trusted it.
The war did not forsake my bed.
Oswald LeWinter


Two Poems
There were tricks
that fooled with a practiced ruse,
the plant in a crowd,
the trapdoor stage
Nicholas Hogg


Two Poems
These trees
do not remember joy—
this mountain ash, that
purple one with leaves like coins.
Judy Goodwin


In Observance
Your skin is crepe ivory,
but the lines run the same, elegantly
veined like the marble in the church
you taught me to live for.
Rosa Garza


Menos Mal (Good Thing)
Good thing your dark hair
matches my Castilian
Beatríz Cedillo


The Matter Before Committee: Three Poems
The lump of papers on my desk is
a jumble of blame.
I wasn't there. How can I know?
Susan H. Case


Passed times
I never met a cowboy I couldn't live without,
their sun-dark bluster and hand-rolled cigarettes.
Shann Palmer


Two Poems
In this world of ambiguous light,
what do you make of the hour?
What do you say about these last days?
Steve Mueske


Before the Downpour
I think of gutters
clogged with pressed leaves,
and raindrops crawling
on torn screens.
Joseph Brunetti


Three Poems
Uncomplicated, our lives shone
clear as light in blue cups
David Ayers


landscape, fading
i am a believer in the horizon
and in the powerlines that
trace the flatness of it
john sweet


excuse me every time he says that word i think
back to when
i was sixteen and my constant dream
was going to africa
James Lineberger


Beauty of the Bones
Give me
your backbone
your ribcage
circling birdless
Linda Sue Grimes


Crazy For You
Listen to all your plans
Slip through your lips,
And all the laments—
Your dad, your mom, your heavy sis
Alec Solomita


Two Poems
Harvest time was a weekend
in your kitchen,
jalousie windows cranked open
in a futile attempt
to circulate Floridian air.
Theresa Boyar


Two Poems
I did not understand the meaning of seed,
how a thin line of cord could connect or destroy.
You were a slight shudder below a rib,
the soft shape of leg, a sudden kick.
T.E. Ballard


Zones of Gray
I hung the photo on the wall,
my former wife, exposed.
Yosemite. Black and white film.
Fiber-based, acid free paper. Archival.
Sandy Steinman


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