Oct/Nov 2000

Tom Dooley lives in Racine, Wisconsin, where he teaches high school English and co-edits Eclectica with his lovely new bride.

Julie King has an MA in creative writing and teaches at the University of Wisconsin, Parkside. Her work has been extensively anthologized, most recently appearing in Iowa Press's Boomer Girls. A former contributor, Julie now co-edits Eclectica with her dashingly handsome new husband.

Barrett Brown 19, lives in Austin. He is a college drop-out.

Craig Butler lives in Bronxville, NY with his wife Cathy and daughter Ivory Clare. His fiction has appeared in numerous print and online magazines, including HAPPY, MANY MOUNTAINS MOVING, MOBIUS, EWG PRESENTS, BLUE REVIEW, PAUMANOK REVIEW, WRITER'S QUILL, ROCKFORD REVIEW, SATIRE, INDITER and ARMCHAIR AESTHETE. He has also written for THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, NEW YORK JOURNAL NEWS, INDIANAPOLIS STAR, IN THESE TIMES, IMPACT PRESS, and CLAMOR MAGAZINE. This is his fourth appearance in ECLECTICA.

Glenda Cooper has appeared in Mobius, Baker Street Irregular, and Anthology 2000 from Professional Touch Press. Online, during January of this year, she was the featured poet in Compuserve Poetry Forum's Gallery.

Richard Denner was uneducated in Berkeley, California, during the 60's. Recent work has appeared online at Fresh Poetry, Poetry Superhighway, Bardo Burner, Comrades, Seeker Magazine, and Absinith Literary Review and in print in Blue Collar Review and The Temple.

J.V. Foerster is a poet who has lived throughout the U.S. and now lives in Portland, Oregon. Her poetry has been published with Eastbrook Quarterly, Kimera, Poetrytonight, Niederngasse, Southern Ocean Review, Horsethiefs Journal, and several poems were used in the production of "Between Night Dreams and my Life," a play she co-authored. Most recently she has won three honorable mentions from the Oregon State Poetry Association. She is also the editor of the Zidell Companies newsletter Whistle.

Edward Furminger writes from the South of England.

Bonny Grabowski is a senior at UW-Parkside working on an English degree and secondary teaching liscensure. If she could do anything for money, it would be writing poems for hire. Her bed is crowded each night by three wily cats and her head by haunting, detailed dreams. For relaxation, she pops in a movie, delves into a book, or unleashes her hands on the art project of the minute (she currently enjoys making paper).

Sydney Harth has a Phd in medieval studies from the University of Chicago. Now retired from both teaching and the middle ages, she spends her time writing stories about unreliable people on an unreliable computer. She is currently working on a book of short stories called The Dog People.

Stanley Jenkin's stories and essays have or will appear in Amelia, 32 Pages, The Blue Moon Review, CrossConnectand the Oyster Boy Review. A former Spotlight Author, Stanley now writes a regular column for the Salon. He lives and works in Queens, New York.

Danny C. Knestaut makes a happy life in the hills of Pennsylvania where he watches a lot of trees and edits for the e-zine Bovine Free Wyoming.

Don Mager has published some 250 original poems and translations from Czech and German over the last 30 years, including two books: To Track The Wounded On (1986) and Glosses (1995).


Radames Ortiz is a native Houstonian and the editor of both The Bayou Review, the literary journal for the University of Houston Downtown, and Coyote Magazine, an online journal His work has appeared in many print and online journals including, Azimuth, Barriolife.com, Mefisto, LatinoLingo.com, Fusion Ink, The New Journal, Adirondack Review, Megaera. Apples and Oranges International Poetry Magazine, Aether, 2River View, Bluff, The Indite Circle, Niederngasse, and The Mesquite Review. He has also published a chapbook entitled "Below the Surface," which was illustrated by artist Tiziano D. Hernandez.

John Palcewski this issue's Spotlight Author, has enjoyed an eclectic career as a photojournalist, music/drama critic, corporate magazine editor, literary fiction writer, poet, and fine arts photographer. After living in New York, Philadelphia and a number of other large and small cities, John now resides in the village of Forio, on Ischia, a volcanic island in the bay of Naples. His work has been published in major newspapers worldwide via United Press International and in the literary and academic press. This is his second appearance in Eclectica.

Sylvia Petter is an Australian living in France. She is a member of the Geneva Writers' Group and her stories have been published in magazines in print and on the web.

Sharon Redding has had work appear in Stirring, Poetic Voices and small presses like Tapestry and Up Against The Wall.

Paul Sampson labors heroically as a technical writer for a mammoth corporation. He has been a professional writer and editor for many years, but he prefers to do the kind of writing you can't make a living from. Some of his recent essays and poems appear in The Alsop Review, The 2River View, the British publication World Wide Writers II, and the new anthology Best Texas Writing (Rancho Loco Press). He lives on the outskirts of a small town east of Dallas, Texas.

Alex Shafer

Ann Skea lives in Australia and is author of Ted Hughes: The Poetic Quest (UNE Press, Australia). She writes darn good book reviews.

Israel H. Soliz

tina (christina misite) is a 19 year old New England girl who now makes her home in San Antonio, Texas, where she attends school as a psychology major. She adores photography, the internet, toy stores and oceans, and she's addicted to poetry. She's been writing for several years, but has only recently started submitting her work for publication. Her work has been published in Supralurid (www.sundress.net/supralurid), and she has also been a featured poet at The poetry superhighway.

Kim Welliver is a state and regional award-winning fiction writer and poet. A Sundress Poetry Slam winner, her work can be found in Ygdrasil, 2Riverview, Lovewords, Poetry Super Highway, Poetry Repair Shop, Dove Cottage as well as regional and local print anthologies. She currently has two novels with an agent.

Teresa White, a former Eclectica Spotlight Author, is a retired secretary who's had over 130 poems published in online e-zines with publication in the near future in two print mags. She was the featured poet in Melic Review's millennium (erotica) issue and a featured poet in Poet's Canvas. She is active at Melic Review's Round Table workshop as well as other forums. 300 of her early poems are published in "In What Furnace," available through Amazon, and she is waiting patiently for her second book "The Stone Pigeon" to roll off the presses.

Tim Wenzell teaches writing at Bergen Community College in Paramus, New Jersey. He has published a number of short stories, poems, and essays in various literary magazines, and his first novel, Absent Children, will be published this autumn. To read more of Tim's fiction, poetry, and novel excerpts, visit his web page.