Jul/Aug 2000 Poetry

Love Handles

by John Curl


Love Handles

River spirit touch me please
with lilies twisted about your knees
dank hair tangled with stormy skies
ocean brooding behind deep eyes

Moon rider you know what you done
you threw my colors out to bleach
in the bony stare of the sun
and now my soul's sulking alone
in a closet of limestone
a bass note out of reach
a dead bird on an empty beach

Hard lady stay out of my trees
my branches are trembling with too cruel a breeze
my shock absorbers are too shot
my brains are blue hot

Look honey I aint afraid
but your touch is like a razor blade
and don't pull that steel pin
sticking out of my secret heart
or my grenade will blast your whims apart

Hey lover I take back what I said
I m sorry for the fleas I put in your bed
I'm sorry for the squirting flower I
hid inside your head
and for its sudden shower on your
thought of the hour I'm sorry
for what the thunder said

Love hands lets go get blessed
I know a place where we can slip
into a robe of darkness
blue lightning twisting
bowl moon rising


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