Jul/Aug 2000

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y



Two Poems
I've stood beside their images
quickening under pale sheets
and prayed for snow

Joy Hewitt Mann


Two Poems
On my knees in shadow
as the moon observes,
I thin the radishes by touch

Sharon Kourous


Two Poems
Yesterday, I was in Tokyo,
kneeling in a Jinja, fingers
reading whorls

Susan Gorgioski


The red woman delivered barbecue
and tart lemonade: her words
searing enough to singe our clothes

L.A. Schuler


Wicker Time
but he is not a man a hollow
man a towering man mama but
not a man he is screaming

Laird Barron


Apart at the Seams
Aline began to wash
the floors and windows
in all the rooms

Beau Boudreaux


Today she is being told
that she should exercise her prerogative to wait
before she makes her move

Rochelle Hope Mehr


A Campari at Contina D'Ampezzo
It was the wild green road I loved,
But was afraid not to freeze

Duane Locke


Twelve Songs for a Broken Ankle
The frayed edges
of the broken bone reach out
to one another like pale garden tendrils

Kimberly Townsend Palmer


Love Handles
my branches are trembling with too cruel a breeze
my shock absorbers are too shot
my brains are blue hot

John Curl


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