Jul/Aug 2020

e c l e c t i c a
m i s c e l l a n y


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Rough Draft for an Introductory Essay to the Collected Pornographic Films of Jack Highland

But still... still the question. Why porn? Answer: because Jack was lonely. He was a genius, and that genius set a wall between him and the rest of the world. But also, Jack was fat and ugly. I don't say that to be cruel. I'm saying what Jack would be the first to tell you. Upon meeting any stranger, Jack had an obsessive need to make fun of himself. Jokes about his weight, or his teenage acne that hung around into his 20s, or his glasses, or his general awkwardness. He just wanted women... to be around them. He had no use for men unless, like me, they helped his art in some way.

David Hindman