Jul/Aug 2019

e c l e c t i c a   n o n f i c t i o n


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A Radical Liberalism
Unfortunately, in recent years I've seen far too many educated, supposedly progressive-minded people engage in commentary on the current state of world affairs as if it were somehow the feelings of objectively powerful (or at least relatively advantaged) people that should be protected from harm, rather than disenfranchised people's right to material safety and systemic equality. I've also seen much commentary that seeks to frame the working class as some kind of inherently conservative, white cultural demographic, rather than one defined by an often exploitative economic relationship that can and does necessarily impact people of any race, gender, creed, or culture.
Ben Adams


Dingo and Fair Game
I had been back in Prague for several weeks and had gone to bed on a Saturday night, nicely tired from a long hike in the countryside, when I was awakened at two a.m. by a dog standing at my bedside and barking at me loudly. It was our new dog, who had arrived in Prague with the other Bridges, quickly taken possession of his new home, and discovered in it a stranger—me.
Peter Bridges


Taking Leave
Yesterday, out for our usual walk, you stopped and stared at me. Frozen, you reminded me of playing statues as a child, except there was unhappiness in your eyes. Your body, normally a yes to walking, had startled us both with a no. You advanced a few paces. Stalled again. This was the rhythm until we made it home. Yet today, you bounded down the bank and paddled in the stream. Back up the bank, shaking water from your coat. I look for patterns and find only these. Yes days and No days. Days of motion, days when the limp returns.
Amy Kenyon


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