Apr/May 2019

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


(These are excerpts—click on the titles to view the complete poems)

Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words well, dissolve, present, and bed.

Two Poems
The lemon surrenders itself,
wedges of light ignited
by late afternoon sun

Fiona Tinwei Lam

It skulked in the garden
and sucked the lavenders dry
until only an occasional wind vexed

Jane Penaz Eisner

In the latissimus dorsi nebula
I see Pegasus, striding the sky of my skin
as I move my arm

Ronnie Sirmans

Depression Shows Up Like a Pimple-Spotted Teen
like what love doesn't look like:
a golf green browned
where sun sunk his fiery teeth

Brenda Nicholas

Ninth Life—No Cat
I shade my mind from remnants of dreams
omens of our shared natural history

Mori Glaser

Wedding, and
It is the sharpness of those cuts I heal
and the soft plume of seeing, the task.

Joanna Brown

Waiting for Greta Garbo
We could have gone underground
like radicals from the sixties
for all the world cares.

Bob Bradshaw

And out of the awakened earth,
a lengthened light,
an end to thirst

Marjorie Mir

Antediluvian Speculations (St. Augustine)
It's easy to mock YouTube videos,
but even St. Augustine
once saw an immense molar tooth
and wrote about it

Don Thompson

My Belly as an Ocean
after a week of lounging in Sandwich,
Massachusetts, I waxed on
about my seafood consumption

Keith Mark Gaboury

My father hammered with words
He forced angles to concur,
planed raw wood into roof beams
from trees he cut down himself

Sean Lause

The Offspring of the Manuscript Defined as Poem
Would the hunter stalking the deer, lose sight of the hind
as it springs, running and leaping away? Would the parent
lose its child? The original work its meaning?

Carole Mertz

Sun Shower in Peekskill
now in the way
and disassembled to make way

Don Pomerantz

Lion's Breath (Spotlight Runner Up!)
I thought how wonderful
my father would have found the practice.
I imagined him lion-breathing
on the checkout line at Walmart

Steven Deutsch