Apr/May 2017

e c l e c t i c a   n o n f i c t i o n


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Oceans in the Strip Club (Spotlight Runner Up!)
My friends are goddesses, and they should have their halos and tiaras, stepping onto the center stage with lines tracing the divine circles of their bodies. Bold where needed, thin for its own subtlety but for the asses' blunt self, like shading to the live figure model.
Sarah Tran Nhu An Myers


Days of Sky
The sky is bright today above the eucalyptus trees and the tip of the huge stone cross on the west side of Mount Davidson. On the east side, the open slope where I walk to see wildflowers in spring. It will come soon. The acacias up the street are laden with yellow allergens.
Judith Serin


A Tree Grows in Jail
Clarissa, one of the girls I knew from Life Skills class, got her hands on cunnilingus meth one day, purchasing it from someone who'd blow-jobbed it in. She was flying.
Leslie Schwartz


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