Oct/Nov 2016

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words circle, remain, illusion, and bridge.


you're here as a favor on my carousel bed where we cling on a single horse-about
Martina Mihelicova


Two Poems
She holds her torn heart
stitches wounds punched

by nails and sword
Nancy Jentsch


Who's Listening
The fateful hints she gave,
even at her best,
were not meant
to save
Ruth D. Handel


Don't Get Too Comfortable
When I was ten he told me, "Sheila is way smarter than you are.
I think my parents are having second thoughts."
Steven Deutsch


The Seafarer
The memories are painted blue,
the conversations heavy
and muddled.
Jen Davis


The List of Wishes
you're digging fossils, rocks, chunks of rusted metals,
pieces of green pottery, earrings, combs
James Underwood


Frank and Dinah, Knarf and Hanid
Here an easel-stand blackboard
near the chimney wall
and there, my grandmother shelling peas
Marjorie Mir


Two Poems
At the end of each day he feared
putting away his paints.
Bob Bradshaw


I hope my wishes and my pleasures never meet.
I draw from your mouth an old phantom.
Joel Fry


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