Oct/Nov 2016 Poetry Special Feature

A Water-snide Day

by Barbara De Franceschi

Image courtesy of the British Library Online Photo Collection

A Water-snide Day

Sea regurgitates its weed
sand is given—then taken back

like love
trying to survive
on a heaving circle
in a tangled drift

that's how it is
some things remain
others reach for new dimensions
in private waters and fractured time

empty words sulk on a rolling pitch
a breeze comes then slips away
on the illusion of a kiss

crabs crawl on a slant
rock pools fill and empty

heart does the same
hunger is a bridge
to the rise and pull of tides

gulls eat tossed chips
children squeal in the splash
parents take selfies to paste on Facebook
dog licks at a dropped ice-cream
swimsuits hurtle between Frisbees and nets

emotion is never contained in one memory
it scatters on crested waves
to find its pulse in briny depths.


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