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Vol. 1, No. 7

Featured Author of the Month: Stanley Jenkins
Dazzling fiction-- both short and long-- by a masterful
stylist with a fresh, new voice...

Interplanetary Commute
Tom Dooley

Who Cares about the Heaven's Gate Suicides?
Chris Lott

Ask Al
Jack J. Miller

Photographs and Memories
Oren Shafir

Deck of Cards I: The Tower
Travis Clark

The Magic Pen Goes to School
The Stomach Ache
Philip R. Dunn

My Five Unicorns
Pat Fish

Or Maybe Cincinatti
Laurie Corzett

Upon Her Vacant Davenport
Flaming Heterosexual
Nest of Frozen Flame

Jim Smith

Moni Hustles Shell
Carmelitta in Mules

Carol Cross


Tori Wilfred

Postmodern Proof
Oren Shafir

Mountains in the Rain

Richard Risemberg

On the Lake
Stefan Luesse

Flying Fish
In Between

Dave Gitomer


Robert Lietz

Four Poems
Dimitris Palasis

Anthony Brown

American Polyintimacy in the 90s and the Internet
Green Onions

Thoughts Provocateur: Part I
Laurie Corzett

God's Fragments
Connie Miller

Cross Channel - Julian Barnes
Review by Ann Skea

Gangster of Love - Jessica Hagedorn
Review by Allen Gaborro

I Came, I Saw - Norman Lewis
Review by Ann Skea

With Chatwin: Portrait of a Writer - Susannah Clapp
Review by Ann Skea

The Ends of the Earth:
A Journey at the Dawn of the 21st Century
- Robert D. Kaplan

Review by Ann Skea

so it goes: poems - Eamon Grennan
Review by Chris Lott

The Game in Reverse: Poems - Taslima Nasrin
Review by Chris Lott

Interview with Hugh Grant
Interview by Leslie Rigoulot

Christopher Null Reviews:
Citizen Ruth -- Return of the Jedi -- Crash

Mark Leeper Reviews:
Donnie Brasco -- Kolya
Sling Blade -- Private Parts
Devil's Own

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