Three Poems

by Dave Gitomer

Dave writes: my name is dave gitomer. i am married with with 2 daughters. we live in west islip ny(long island). my wife and i have been married for 22 years and our daughters are 8 an 11. we were college sweethearts that married and stayed together. i was born in queens ny 4/14/54. i have a college degree in economics from suny at stony brook (1975).

my interest in writing took off as i got involved with the internet and computers which was about 1992. i try to read as well as write. i do all kinds of poetry and enjoy the works of the eastern writers especially.

WORK is about life in the 9 to 5 world, FLYING FISH is about my dog at the beach on the bay, and IN BETWEEN is self explanatory


endless cycles
centerless circles
spinning wheels
never finding home
smooth green carpets
shimmering fluorescence
shadows lurk and hide
between the humming drone
of fossil computer towers
monitor spark and refresh
espousing facts and figures
in dull blue and green hue
with the black background
keys tap softly into a din
as man becomes machine
behold the lost leaders
blind leading sighted
over the cliff
into the abyss
sweet joy of falling
resenting gravity
all the way

Flying Fish

when fish fly
sleeping owls sigh
soft calls the dragon
deftly dance the demon
fiercely scowling gulls
smirk with confident laughter
pursued by raging canine in ernest
yet its game without disaster
or deep meaning
for to meet or contact
would end the wild pursuit
why catch when you can chase?
why tarry when you need haste?
abject victory so illusive
defeat so blantant
knowing ones laugh
or sit in calm meditation
when is it solemnly serious?
following such method and ways
confusion reigns
clarity shrinks
can lines define
utter chaos?

In Between

ever seen
the in between
soft as dragons teeth
silent as demons wails

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