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Vol. 1, No. 6

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Featured Artists of the Month: Phyllis Fast & Nancy Howe
Phyllis Fast and Nancy Howe's beautiful dream journal
derived paintings and writing.

On Family
Chris Lott

Open Letter to a Distant Friend
A Prose Poem by Chris Lott

Spare Tire
Ari Cetron

At the Races
Rachel Barenblat

Amy Crane Johnson

The Boy and The Girl
Rine Davis

The Last Frenchman
Richard Pace

Melissa Miles

Arctic Heat
Amy Crane Johnson

Rachel Barenblat

Richard Vazquez

Five Poems
Don Mager

When It Stops
Holly Day

Soul's Sonnet

Necca Stoller

I'm Sorry Mother, But I'm Going Back to Prison
Anthony Lee Brown

Hard Seat Train
Bryan Tutt

Bad Land - Jonathan Raban
Review by Ann Skea

The Writer's Trade: Stories - Nicholas Delbanco
Review by Chris Lott

The Empty Bed - Rachel Hadas
Review by Chris Lott

Straight Out of View - Joyce Sutphen
Review by Chris Lott

A Mapmaker's Dream - James Cowan
Review by Ann Skea

Taking the Risk Out of Democracy - Alex Carey
Review by Dale Wharton

Shaggy Bob! Reviews:
Empire Strikes Back

Christopher Null Reviews:
Dante's Peak -- Sling Blade -- The Empire Strikes Back

Mark Leeper Reviews:
L5: First City in Space -- Marvin's Room
Blood and Wine -- Waiting for Guffman

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