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Vol. 1, No. 2

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Cover Art by Maria Kazanskaya
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Featured Author of the Month: Don Mager
Read stunning selections from Don Mager's poetry. A variety of
forms that are sure to entice you to read more.

"From the Editors"

Today is No Time for Silence -- Chris Lott
I Really Am Sorry -- Tom Dooley (note from the editor: I like to call this one: I Really Am a Sorry Bastard)

6 March 1989
Salman Rushdie

Natural History
After Losing a Lover

Julie King

Graduating to Wet Stones


CK Tower


Cellular Communication
Sharon Glantz


A Healthy Dose of Sarsaparilla
Jerome L. Cosyn

Randy Money

The Marvelous Mule
Celia Hixon

Mr. Null Makes a Movie: Part Two
Christopher Null

Last Orders - Graham Swift
Sins - F. Sionil Jose
An Echo of Heaven - Kenzaburo Oe

One Thousand Americans- George Seldes
Trilateralism- (ed) Holly Sklar

Christopher Null Reviews:
The Long Kiss Goodnight, The Ghost and the Darkness,
Sueviving Picasso
Sleepers, Michael Collins, Trees Lounge

Shaggy Bob! Reviews:
Gun Smith Cats

Mark Leeper Reviews:
Looking for Richard


Christopher Null Makes a Movie!
Mr. Null Makes a Movie, Part II

An Interview with John Walsh
Chris Null interviews the director of the hit indie movie Ed's Next Move

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