Eclectica Book Reviews



Last Orders by Graham Swift
Ann Skea reviews Graham Swift's novel which has been nominated for the Booker Prize.
Sins by F. Sionil Jose
Allen Gaborro reviews a novel by Filipino author F. Sionil Jose, winner of the Magsaysay Award, the Filipino equivalent of the Nobel Prize.
An Echo of Heaven by Kenzaburo Oe
Allen Gaborro reviews the latest work by Kenzaburo Oe, recent winner of the Nobel prize.


One Thousand Americans by George Seldes
Seldes' book reveals how ten families and five companies effectively monopolized the U.S. Economy for 40 years.
Trilateralism: the Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Government edited by Holly Sklar
Dale Wharton reviews a book in which the trilateral commission is exposed and explained.


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