Eclectica Poetry

Three Poems - Necca Stoller
"too soon, quick dawn comes:
in the ebb tide-
slack water. "

"Image:" - Prose Poem by David McDaniel
"A nightmare, a bad trip, a surreal hallucination, fragmented,
a freak show, a neighborhood circus full of smoke, screams and curses, weeping and
laughter and TV crews and a fleet of large red vehicles."

"Elsewhere" - Don Mager
"Or is it gray shadows, the bare-bone
dogs slinking behind each gate, eyes with
ice white cores? They never bare their teeth."

"Leprosy" - Joy Reid
"... for the inflicted
rings a bell
as surely as a leper."

"Cliffs" - Trina Stolec
"And I
never could resist. I use trees as anchors
though they slip away..."

Two Poems - Paul Kloppenborg
"3. It is you that I hear in moments of deepest closing.
4. You seduce the living blemishes from me."

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