Jul/Aug 2011

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words mania, flux, ceremony, and borrow.


The Muses In Exile
In cottage, church and villages
they sang and so, in time did their sons
and theirs, are singing still.
Marjorie Mir


Punch Line
I was the woman with wings you passed
without a glance this morning.
Linda Baldwin Avila


Two Poems
The half-circle peppers, the parsnips,
even the red, imploded tomato-faces were glad for escape.
B.L. Gentry


Two Poems
pines unfastened their roots, climbed
the current until they caught
against a house, and a house, and a church
Michele Harris


Three Poems
thirst paws its frozen dish,
a heartbreak of no snow
Richard-Yves Sitoski


Having Forgotten My Notebook
Yet here's an earthworm,
hauling the pale rucksack
of itself across a bare patch
David Oestreich


A pillar of shadow rises
Deep from the ground       A few robins &
A single sparrow flutter circle
John J. McKernan


The Call
the cradle
would not retake the phone
one too big the other too small
Alan Meyrowitz


Everything that Rises Must Diverge
Dinner was at six: boxed Mac & Cheese.
No one bothered to spruce it up with lobster.
James Valvis


Clio, muse of history, will collaborate with anyone.
Urania, muse of astronomy, is uniquely a loner.
Oliver Rice


The Miner
All canaries are like this:
A matter of science, lung volume,
Ken Poyner


Poem Beginning with a Line from C. K. Williams
I halve the all I know
and then halve it again
Paula Marafino Bernett


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