Apr/May 2011

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words cowl, reveal, granite, and unfinished.


Two Poems
Moon and Water, looking on,
turned the three boats into six.
Ganesha laughed and cried for more.
Marjorie Mir


Cutting Down the Back Yard Trees
Why did we let these scowling pines
dominate our lot for so long?
Bob Bradshaw


Division, Division, Division.
It rolls off his tongue
like freshly whipped cream.
Marjorie Wallace


The Good Night
At the end of the day
An old doe drinks
In her solitary pool of light.
Robert H. Guard


Double Vision
Since the eye surgery
I see one-plus-one
of everything.
Christine Vovakes


Turtle Moon
there's a turtle
balanced atop the moon,
it's ancient claws dug in
Marc Berman


Central Channel Rise
My tires slap the drizzled pavement's cheek like
the steaming chamois of a zealous barber
Tracy Koretsky


Two Poems
How piteous is the peasant's
gesture, holding his nose
Hilary Sideris


The Passing of Flora, the Seamstress
Each thread holds memory,
the warp of her years
unfolding from the bolt
Jean Howard


The Wanderer's Second Night Song
Two hundred thirty years now, and your poem continues its blessing of hearing under the lines, below rhyme and meter, of feeling words open beneath us
Robert McNally


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