Oct/Nov 2010

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Now That You Can Hear the Pin, How About Listening to This?

This turd has been circulating the Internet for years in various forms, and it is an obvious piece of propaganda. Sadly, millions of people, including well-educated, well-meaning friends of mine, still keep finding its message resonant enough to "pass (it) on!" to myself and millions of others.

Tom Dooley


Isaac Rising

In the American Days, these latter days, all the smart money is on getting wise to the fact that you can always become someone else, and that if that is true, you can also always leave all your sins at the last known address of the guy you used to be.

Stanley Jenkins


Some Blacklisted Geese & a Mosque on Sacred Ground

I don't know where the geese came from or when they arrived. I suspect they, like many of my human neighbors, were recent migrants. I remember ducks living in the park as long ago as the 1970s. But they make their home on a smaller lake, a pond really, fed by a stream that gushes out of a large underground aquifer. The ducks also commute, but I was less conscious of them, and they rarely pass through the broad expanse of sky visible from my apartment.

Thomas J. Hubschman


Why I'm Fed (No Pun Intended) up with Tea Partiers

It doesn't matter that some of the people in the movement aren't racist, ignorant, or dangerous. Those reasonable people are not the ones defining the movement. I've seen enough westerns to know that while the liveryman might have been a great guy, his presence in the lynch mob didn't make it any less of a problem for the Marshal.

Tom Dooley