Apr/May 2007 Poetry

Two Poems

by Oleg Semonov

Artwork by KOB ONE

A Lyric Poem

Recently I have read that this poet
is very good for our generation
as that one was good for his.

I can't understand what they mean by 'was.'
Does his style not meet with the modern format?
Does it concern his respect for the past?

Of course, he often referred to the most
significant facts of history. That's why
the allusions in his poetry are regarded
as an integral part of his life.

I suppose that any stylistic device
he used deliberately in his work
was to compensate for what
he had failed to do before.

But I think it doesn't matter at all
when I take the slim volume of his poetry
from the shelf

and start reading from the very beginning
up to the end to become a witness to
his rising from the dead.



When I pronounce this word,
I always come to the conclusion that
the name of this very state
is used for implying the front line
between the future and past.

To prove what I have said,
compare the spelling of 'okraina'
(this Russian word means 'outskirts'—
the fragments of the dead empire)
to that of Ukraine.

Please pay attention to 'kraina'
translated as 'a country' from
the Ukrainian language to disperse
one's doubts here.

As a result, we've got the root
we meet in Kyiv, Moscow, Warsaw—
this is 'krai(j)' interpreted as 'region,'
'district,' 'area,' and 'edge'
of Europe (?)

Now let us look at the letter 'U'
(Can you see this fall and rise?)
and take it as a preposition 'in'
prefixed to the word 'kraina'
many centuries ago.

What else shall I add to the said above?
Shall I focus on current affairs?
Well, I'm sure it is enough.
I wish you luck, my dear friends.


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