Apr/May 2007

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words indolent, antidote, chisel, and anoint.


Two Poems
Silver the leaves of the olive tree, shrill the mid-summer cicada,
all is remembered, forgotten, and all is remembered once more.
Jared Carter


We will drink from our shared wound, suffer in a wheat field's sway, swim night's long moon.  
Erie Chapman


Two Poems
It is the way feet
colonize a life, the way experiences
sweep themselves into dust bunnies
Doug Ramspeck


Burying Chernobyl
 she planted
her husband
her baby.
she shoveled
the rows of potatoes.
Barbara Roush


Two Poems
Even the porch mums
are out of gas, December's
hollow shine curling
the maple's brittle palms
Sally Molini


Two Poems
Now let us look at the letter 'U'
(Can you see this fall and rise?)
Oleg Semonov


The thermometer factory was long in the distance,
although silver dust still glittered on mother’s cheeks.
Yermiyahu Ahron Taub


Hooves Could Fly
Where are your limbs right now?
Where precisely is the thing that will kill you?
Anna Madsen Fogel


Found Art
Now let us praise the discretion
of houses.
Jane Halpert


Yellow Magic
This kind of thing cannot be spoken about.  
Anuradha Vijayakrishnan


Two Poems
Is persistence a truth?
Is defiance? What of bravery? I wish she could retire
Don Mager


Outside Tree
We wintered there
Near the streets where the wrappers
blew towards damp corners
Michael Gustie


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