Apr/May 2006 Poetry Special Feature

Relic Vat

by Brian Clements

Relic Vat
(composed of variations on anagrams of the four assigned words)

A VCR in vertical flight,

Dear Calvert, I think

might need a live CRT

to spy an inch

of its own phasic yin.


Just so, an amulet

of the President's

physician's making

might dare

spy in a chi

a red panic yang.


I, shy in a PC,

am lute,

a physic in

an NYC hi-PSI

lit crave. In

Spahn, I see

isms. Achy, I snip

pi, yike chains,

carve lit from

elm, spiel at lit

mule. I spy

an NYC ship

in China, I spy

a CIA PIN, I am

shy as Cain.


Yah, (sic) nip it,

Mr. Chips. Nay,

tell the Vicar,

alert Vic:

I say I pinch

cat livers,

act liver

(viral, etc.)

than yippie.


Ah, icy pins

spun spicy... Ha!

Sin? Pah! Pays

by the inch.


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