Apr/May 2006

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words amulet, physician, dare, and vertical.


What I Learned at 33 1/3
She wears a crucifix and believes
the moon can turn a yellow cloud
into the outline of a fist
Alex Stolis


Scattered Snowflakes
comfortable in the steady
warmth of Athens, may never have seen one.
Erie Chapman


The Office
I daydream Willy Loman's face in my soup,
coveting my button-down schemes
J. Kelley Anderson


Leaving India...
I buy a wooden inlay
Belinda Subraman


Street Scene
In his dream, basketball, the bounce bounce of rubber on asphalt and every three-pointer slips right through the hoop, and there's no such thing as pressure. Everything is symmetry. His pulse is big, the winter chill is nothing.  
Sam Byfield


Tunnel of Love
Ahead of me two shadows melted
together in a Spanish galleon
called Paradise Lost.
Bob Bradshaw


Two Poems
When I looked away from the bath,
My children took the water and twisted it,
Wrung from wash cloths fountains bent
Like turkey necks, and let them splash.
Brad Bostian


The Street Dog Speaks
The click of ten nails on the macadam—
my cup o' ivories, my roulette, my
little gunboats of luck, my dice.
Timothy Bradford


The Dwelling
the forgiven and what cannot be
bobs like a cork
in seething silence
Robert James Berry


Our Vacation
He's from two ferries
and a road
that bends an ocean.
Patricia Parkinson


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