Jul/Aug 2005

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What I Wish John Kerry Would Say to the American People
Coming soon...  
Tom Dooley


A Short Version of Why I Am Not a Professor
Life is only so long, and you can spend it plowing though this stuff or you can read critics who can write plainly. Howard cites and seems to admire Norbert Frye. Pity he doesnÍt write like him.  
Paul Sampson


An Immodest Proposal
Lapham was an unbaptized child raised in a family that "went to church only for weddings and funerals." When he got to Yale it came as a surprise to him that God was not dead. It has now distressed him that God not only has managed to survive into the 21st century but has gathered to himself a mafia of mass killers and apocalyptic crazies who have found fellow-travelers in the highest reaches of the American government.  
Thomas J. Hubschman


Dispatches 6-8 (All the Way Home)
I played among construction sites and attended the real estate developer's erasing of farms. I rooted in abandoned barns and returned again and again to the site of antique milk pails, on the edge of strip malls and convenience stores, as if they were the locus of slivers of the one true cross.  
Stanley Jenkins


Dispatches 9-11 (Requiem)
Carl, in New York City, wasn't like any "us" I knew, but nonetheless, danced before the LORD like the light of candles on the Common Table on Communion Sundays when all God's children got courage.  
Stanley Jenkins


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