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Vol. 9, No. 3
July/August, 2005

s p o t l i g h t   o n . . .
The nonfiction of Lisa Ohlen Harris
Spotlight Authors
f r o m   t h e   e d i t o r s
A few words from the editors
From the Editors
t h e   s a l o n
Comment by Stanley Jenkins, Paul Sampson,
Thomas J. Hubschman,
and Tom Dooley
The Salon
m a k i n g   t i m e
Don Mager discusses classical music
Making Time (Music Review)
f i c t i o n
Stories from Caroline Kepnes, Crispin Oduobuk, Corbitt Nesta,
Stephen Healey, Chris Wilson, Sarah Stodola, Charlie Yu,
Cheryl Diane Kidder, Brad Bostian, Luke Tennis,
Randall Brown,
and David J. LeMaster
p o e t r y
Verse by Norton Hodges, Molara Wood, Arlene Ang,
David Trame, Allen Hope, Dave Smith, Nnorom Azuonye,
Tim Peeler, Barbara De Franceschi, Patrick Carrington,
Stanley Noah, Jayne Pupek, Deborah P. Kolodji,
Mark Cunningham, Jennifer Finstrom,
Carol Fant,
and Julie King
n o n f i c t i o n
Pieces by Kat McElroy, Barry Southam,
Gary Lehmann, Jack Kennedy, Leslie Edwards,
Jim Gourley,
and David Graham
m i s c e l l a n y
A One-Act Play by Katherine L. Holmes
h u m o r  &  s a t i r e
Political satire from Todd Shy
t r a v e l
Kevin O'Cuinn gets tearful in Budapest,
Ilie Ruby encounters mortality in Honduras,
and A. Lopez deals with life in the UAE
r e v i e w s
Reviews by Maryanne Snell, Colleen Mondor,
Robert Gray,
and Gilbert Wesley Purdy, plus Scott Malby
surveys ezines and Elizabeth Glixman interviews
Marlin Barton and Daphne Buter
Book Reviews