Vol. 2, No. 3
March/April, 1998

s p o t l i g h t   o n . . .
Mark Davis
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e d i t o r i a l s
Chris Lott on one paradox regarding the part-time father.
Tom Dooley gains a brother and a new understanding of his father.
f r o m  t h e   i n s i d e
prison essayist Anthony Lee Brown
From the Inside
t h e   s a l o n
featured essayist Valentine Michael Smith on: a man named "Art"
The Salon
m a k i n g   t i m e
music columnist Don Mager on:
Peter Maxwell Davies
Making Time (Music Review)
i n  p r i n t
columnist Scott Ruddick on:
The launching of the Men are From Mars etc. magazine and some current print offerings
In Print (Scott Ruddick)
f i c t i o n
Kyle Jarrard, Timothy Boring, Alex Keegan, Fanoula Sevastos
p o e t r y
Steve Van Cleave, Roy Shifrin, J. Kevin Wolfe, Paul Haslup, Philip Hyams, Lee Moskow, Travis Talley, Doug Tanoury, and Dancing Bear
Plus Paolo Maurizio Bottigelli translated by Arlene Ang
n o n f i c t i o n
Keith Snow
t r a v e l
A. E. Sadler
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h u m o r  &  s a t i r e
Chuck Nyren, Anant Raut, Paul Wolborsky
b o o k   r e v i e w s
Ann Skea on: A Boy & His Uncle, Germain Greer, Isaac Newton: the Last Sorceror, Mrs. Chippy's Last Expedition, Phone Me at Nine Just to Say You Are Alive
Allen Gaborro on: Jesus and Buddha: The Parallel Sayings
Charlie Dickinson on: The Redneck Manifesto
Harriet Klausner on: Blind Descent, Brunswick Gardens, Evidence of Blood, Foolproof, The Hunt Club, Kalimamtaan, The Last Best Hope, The Silent Cradle, The Stalking Horse, Vampire Bytes, What's a Woman Gotta Do
Book and Web Reviews
f i l m  &  c i n e m a
Shaggy Bob, Chris Null, and Mark Leeper-- on:
The Replacement Killers, Good Will Hunting, The Wedding Singer, Sphere, The Apostle, Arguing the World and more!
Plus Chris Null's Alternative Oscars and The Best Films of 1997
Film & Cinema

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