Oct/Nov 2016

e c l e c t i c a  
t r a v e l


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The Rudest Woman in Bundenhof (Spotlight Runner-Up!)
Now that I had wheels, I was enlisted to drive Ada, Heidi, and the aunt on a day trip to Gottingen and Goslar. Heidi said Goslar was 1,000 years old and was often called the Rome of Northern Germany. What these towns seemed to have in common was an ancient rathaus, a central square with a fountain, and medieval buildings with arches. I guessed a rathaus was similar to a New England town hall or city hall, although why town officials should work in a rat house was beyond me.
Kurt Schmidt


A Good Swiss Name
The old man smiled at the sea, or something else out of reach, like last night's dream. I found him handsome. I know, even now, you find this doubtful. You always had trouble believing I could find any man handsome besides you. And then there was his age. Yet even in his 70s, anyone besides you would have been struck by this man's dignified, silver-haired elegance. With the sun glinting off the tile tabletops and onto his still-smooth skin, he appeared otherworldly.
Jillian Schedneck


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