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The Holt Letters, Letter Nine

Presented by David Ewald

Hartland Oct 3rd 1862

                                       My Dear Son

I read yours of the 28th & 29th yester
day. I was glad to learn that you were
as well as you represent. and verry
sorry that you met with so bad an
ascident. But we must expect all of the
things to happen. I hope with good care
you may get a good leg of it again we
must hope for the best and keep up
good courage I hope there is a better
time coming if not we might as well be
dead as a live. your Mother read yours
directly giveing an account of your hert
you have an answer probably ere this.
I will say that we are well at this time
and a general time of health prevails about
here; affairs go on about as usual in this
visinity Mr Smith the bobin maker has
bought Mrs Browns place and is [Depo Marte]
I am verry glad that you are so well
cared for and have so good a building
There has ben some talk about here that
each State will take there sick and
wounded soldiers. Dr Phelps of windsor
has talked of haveing one fitted up at that
place but I think it has not ben done
it would be a good idea I think to have
them near home so that friends and relative
can visit them often. There is one at Burlington
for that purpers. you speak about a
discharge I want you to act upon your
own best judgement upon the subject.
if I were to advise in the case it would
be like this if there is no probability of you
rever being fit for service doo not be in a
hurry to get it. And if you have seen a
nough of service so that you think never
to want to escpose your self again then
be a little sooner about it But doo nothin
but what will be fair and honerable.
we sent some things to you in a box sent
to Oliver Cushman I presume you have
got them by this time if Oliver has got the
box. we did not know what you would
be the most in need of I thought I would
send you some paper. When you write
let me know what you have to pay a
great price for and we will send such
things. Mr Rumrill is with George yet he
is getting better slowly He is in a hospital
at Washington there is some hopes of his recovery.
I hope he will. I have ben busy a
harvisting for a few days it has ben verry
pleasant weather there the hole of Sept.
I want you to write me often and let me
know how you get a long and I will indever
to reply as soon as possible. As you can
not give much account of battles now let me
know about hospital affairs as you can learn
them it will be interesting to me.
I will close this apistle hopeing to
Receive a favorable acount from your
wound in your next reply
This from your truly Affectionate
Father and Friend

Oliver Holt



Windsor: a town in eastern Vermont.

Oliver Cushman is Henry's friend and fellow soldier in the Valley campaign.


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