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The Holt Letters, Letter Eight

Presented by David Ewald

General Hospital Alexandira Va Sept 28th 1862

                               Dear Farther

I recieved your letter of the 21st
with pleasure but I am sorry to
say that I am wounded as you
have heard before from the letter
I wrote Mother the Day after I
came here. my wound is doin
first rate the ball went straight
in for an good inch and half
and then turned and went down
my leg towards my knee about
5 or 6 inches the doctor run in
a probe and found the ball
but it was so far in he said
he would not take it out so
I shall carry the ball for
life he said it would do me
no harm to let it be their
the doctor said that it was doin
first rate but it will be a good
while before I get about but the
hospital is well managed and we
are well taken care of their is a
Irish boy who lost his left hand
at Manassas and one who was
shot in the leg at Cedar Mountain
and a New Hampshire boy who
belongs to the Rhode Island Cavl
and knows Elias Holt he is
in the Regt as a Sadlar Theire
is a man in here with arms legs
and hands taken of[f] and men
wounded in all ways that could
be imageined it is a verry large hospital
here and it is full now I should
have liked to gone whare George
A is has Mr Rumrill gone
home yet I should like to
see him first rate. I shall
expect a letter from mother
in a Day or two I dont
know but it will frighten
mother to here that I am hurt
but tell her not to be worried
about me for I am doing well
now every soldier must expect
to be hurt thear cant be
fighting without but I cant
stop to write anny more to night
for it is geting late.


Sept 29th

well I think I can finish it to
day I am feeling tip top to day
I have you heard anny thing
about mouveing the wounded to
thiere own state we have and
if thiere is anny thing in it
I shall go to Vermont for it
will be a long time before I
shall be fit for duity and
perhaps never I gues I can
get my discharge if I want it
I am not able to walk a step
it has a long way to heal
and the muscle will be sore
for a good while I dont know
but I had better get my discharg
if I can what do you think
about it. I cant think of
anny more to write I want
you to write as soon as you
get this direct to Mansion
house Hospital Alexandira Va
so I will close this
from your loving son

Oliver Holt



Manassas: Campaign of Second Bull Run, August 28th and 29th, 1862 (the Valley).

Cedar Mountain: On August 9, 1862, Banks hit Jackson's left (AH, pg. 215)


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