Oct/Nov 2005

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A Critique of Pure Cyprus
Keo is The Beer in Cyprus. You can buy it these nice 40 oz. bottles, and unlike malt liquor, it tastes good in the hot sun. It is a crisp light ale, a well-constructed hot weather beer. One night we just sat and watched a soccer match on a TV in the public square, drinking those Keo tall-boys with all the locals in Kalavasos, the next village over from Tochni, and yelling jubilantly when Famagusta scored the winning goal to earn a place in the UEFA Cup.  
Mike Spice


Booze, Blues, and Bible-bangers
A roadside eatery boasts, "Seafood buffet: crawfish, frog legs, and alligator soup—technically inaccurate, but I guess "swamp smorgasbord" wouldn't sound tasty. I step inside for directions. Wood-carved signage reminds gentlemen to remove their hats, out of respect for the ladies. However, muddy boots, greasy overalls, and tobacco-stuffed, toothpick-dangling mouths are apparently considered a tribute to the aforementioned babes.  
Lyn Fox


Beneath the Matala Moon
George was frozen to the spot, quaking in fear, confronted by a big, hostile German Shepherd named Cello. Harry was Cello's owner. He was a big Dutchman with a mullet, a FREE SONNY BARGER sleeveless t-shirt, big muscles. He liked to push people around.  
Steve Wheeler


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