Oct/Nov 2005 Poetry

Caring for Rabbits

by Aleah Sato

Caring for Rabbits

It's best if their feet stay clean,
so the mesh should be clear of debris,
feces not allowed to pile up.

They can be let out,
but they will chew on wires
and hate to be held.

You can entertain children--
I don't recommend it.
Rabbits bite fingers,
mistaking them for baby carrots
or turnip tops.

Loving them
doesn't mean they'll love you back
so keep your boyfriend.

They might wiggle their nose
in quiet discrimination,
hold their ears
or simply sit there looking like
a picture book.

You won't teach them tricks,
although I've heard they can be trained
to trip unsuspecting burglars
who mistake silence
for pity.

Underneath their luxurious skin,
meat and muscles,
kidneys, a small heart.
Some prefer to eat them
than befriend.


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