Oct/Nov 2005

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words hemisphere, indignant, thistle, and wipe.


Caring for Rabbits
Loving them
doesn't mean they'll love you back
so keep your boyfriend.
Aleah Sato


In China
My daughter is eleven.
She wears a "training" bra.
What is she training for?
Bob Bradshaw


Every morning, she stared at the
back of his freshly shorn neck
and imagined the velvet nap of it,
rubbed in the wrong direction.
Terri Light


Sierra Vista, AZ
we cling like the Tohono O’odom
to a bare neck of the land,
sleep in the crook of its arm
David Cazden


900 Miles
it is fashionable among college hippies
to dress themselves in pressed overalls
and pile themselves into smoky vans
Gary Charles Wilkens


Three Poems
Nothing good can come
From gray Thursdays.
Darin Zimpel


On the Prospect of a New Lover
He asks me out, his stutter like a soft peach sluicing
my chin with juice. I am easy when it comes to younger men.
Arlene Ang


Beating Down the Road
Hot coffee kept me right and I drove on
With my eyes burning and the lights thinning out
And nothing was on the road but me looking for you.
Ray Sikes


Hide and Go Seek
At the far end of the alley,
a fire burns in a metal barrel.
Mary reaches into the flames.
Jared Carter


I love that hour
that comes every once
in a while
Bradley Earle Hoge


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