Oct/Nov 2005

From the Editors

From Tom Dooley, Fiction Editor

Welcome to another full issue. It seems like no matter how early I get started, it's always the last possible minute, maybe even after that last minute, when the darned thing finally gets uploaded and gets to see the light of day. So it was this time around, with the requisite "technical difficulties" creating further delays. But I'm driven by the knowledge that a number of people are actually counting on me to find the time to put a new issue out every three months.

For one, there are the 48 wonderful folks besides myself who have contributed their own efforts to this issue. Thanks and kudos to them.

Then there are the few thousand loyal readers from around the globe who actually read each issue "cover" to "cover." An equal number of thousands of thanks to them.

Finally, there are the tens of thousands of folks who mistakenly pass through thinking that "Nude Sunbathers" actually means nude sunbathers (a reference to a nonfiction entry from Linda Leavitt from Volume 1, Number 12 that still gets a remarkable number of hits), or that Alex Keegan's insights will help them write that term paper on Alice Munro. At least in the latter case, they might be in luck. Well, a few thanks to them, too, in the spirit of eclectivism.

If you're wondering where my Salon essays have gone to, thank you for caring. I'm trying. No lack of things to gripe about, just lack of time to put them into anything resembling a cogent line of thought.

This was our first issue in many years without the help of my lovely wife Julie, who has been neck deep in other efforts, chief among them a new job and her MFA program. Jennifer Finstrom, a longtime Eclectica contributor and former Spotlight author, stepped in and has kept the ship afloat admirably. I'm looking forward to seeing where the Poetry section goes under Jennifer's direction.

Speaking of Spotlight authors, the nod this issue goes to Constance Squires. Judging from her bio, she'll be garnering recognition for some time to come. Her story, "Writ in Water," is beautifully written, maintaining a thoughtful poise throughout. Along with Ali Fahmy's story, "The Caketopper," Ms. Squires has helped to make this a rock 'n' roll issue of sorts.

The Review section is packed again, and it includes a "Recommendations" feature where the reviewers let fly with all kinds of favorites. Perhaps in future issues, we'll be able to add recommendations from the rest of the staff. Perhaps contributors, too. Stay tuned.

Time to get busy putting the finishing touches on this issue. Thanks for reading, and enjoy.