Jul/Aug 2005

e c l e c t i c a  
t r a v e l


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Coffee and Eyelashes, a Story of Budapest
Hungarians not only lead the world in hammer throwing and child-birthing techniques, they are also second to none when it comes to pedagogy. Thus the reason for my journey East, to master the intricacies of English Language Teaching. My days were full of Krashen and Chomsky—the other Chomsky, Chomsky the rebel linguist.  
Kevin O'Cuinn


Third World: Third Eye
Who can say that the sun has more strength than the sky that contains it? Or that a man has more memory than the earth that will bury him?  
Ilie Ruby


Andromeda's Museletter #2
I told Cory one day that I'd like to go grocery shopping at the Spinneys in Sahara Center, which is an upscale mall between downtown Sharjah and downtown Dubai. About ten miles away. We've been to the Sahara Center. It is located on the map. It is a very noticeable mall because it is topped with what looks like a tilted three-ring circus tent. Armed with our rented Mitsubishi Lancer and two maps, off we go.  
A. Lopez


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