Jul/Aug 2005

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words mutant, polar, temple, and shrimp.


What I Owe
When I was a child, I gave
you my loud hand and only kept
the silent one.
Norton Hodges


The Lost Seed
Wistful, the wind fans
sand onto faltering feet.
They drag north of the Sahara,
lured by a pitiless mirage.
Molara Wood


Isuikwuato II
If I should tell her how long my bags have been packed,
she may not believe me, for nobody counts as wealth
the chicken that doesn't return to the coop at dusk.
Nnorom Azuonye


Two Poems
Come down to this field,
brush a handful of the bounty,
you won't feel any wavering, any edginess
Davide Trame


A Poetic Tour of Natal, Brazil, Or, What the Travel Guides Fail to Tell You
What to wear:
Avoid hydraulic transmissions
wrapped too tightly
to reveal plunging necklines.
Allen Hope


is run,n,,nning out
side. She is
running out
of time.
Dave Smith


Self-Interrogation of a Third Wife
Each night I jump sheep in and out of pens,
a sleepless garbage hauler who must deal
with unrecyclables
Arlene Ang


yes, yes, I was there, fifteen, crazy,
smoking reefer in the speedway
Tim Peeler


Waltzing Above Pepino's Marble
We moved a special way in the cemetery—
in three-quarter time, knees bending
like Strauss had a hand in the mourning
Patrick Carrington


Palm Trees in a Big Blow
I wait with great excitement
for my first sea storm to show.
It shall be like God
and Louis Armstrong
marching down the streets
Stanley Noah


Four Prose Poems
Today, I've scratched four times that I'm aware of, sheering off who knows how much skin. I've added x many nose blows to my total.  
Mark Cunningham


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