Apr/May 2005

e c l e c t i c a
s a l o n


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Ah, the hell with it.

Tom Dooley


Myself Not Least

In my own case, piety came and went in waves, like undulant fever. The periods of remission grew more frequent, and at last the disease burned itself out, leaving me a reasonably healthy skeptic. But I remained, through and long after adolescence, a full-blown Romantic, a sucker for heroes.

Paul J. Sampson


Dirty Linen: Eleven Years After the Verdict

Yet, the divisions among us are, and always have been, built more on contrivance than fact. Racism, the deliberate denigration of a defined group under the rationale of some supposed inferiority, is itself a pathology we originally constructed out of economic and social convenience. That it managed to mutate and take on a life of its own through each succeeding generation speaks more to the nature of social pathogens than it does to reality.

Thomas J. Hubschman



Her niece, Annabel, was a battered woman waiting to happen. And she didn't have to wait for her wedding day. I used to visit Annabel's husband in county lock up in New Hudson. He played cards with his friends, who all had had their drivers licenses revoked—and the guards would bring in six-packs and sit in on a couple of hands. You can smell a lack in a man that makes him need to hit a woman. And you can smell a woman that needs to be hit (God forgive me!). I did the wedding. And have never fully forgiven myself... or better, never forgotten the lesson.

Stanley Jenkins