Apr/May 2005

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words carnival, stucco, mustache, essential.


The tattoo artist approves
when my friend does not etch
her husband's name indelibly into her skin.
Abigail Jones


Two Poems
like fireflies and lightning
we're never quite as whole as we remember
Christopher Watkins


A Different Approach
I whisper things to Saint Anthony
when no one else is looking.
Bea Cedillo


The Houses in Queens
The houses in Queens,
blurring, speed by,
late for departure
or just now arrived
Andrew Day


Rudderless, I float
from this mooring,
this casket of Vesuvian heat
Marina Lee Sable


Mona Lita
When her bones became blades, she hit the walls,
almost causing an earthquake inside her.
Olga Grun


I had a vision
of who I might have been
had I not declared myself
one of my Church's queers
Li Min Hua


How do you like the fine china now?  
Megan Buckley


Choosing Exits
But you can never ignore friction. Friction
would be the wind slapping your face all
the way down.
Richard Fein


The Loss
I saw you in every baby creature
And cried for two years.
Now I'm tired.
Karen Bramblett


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