Oct/Nov 2004

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The Rucksack Letters: September 10, Jersey Shore
To be honest, I didn't question her motivation much at first, although I did ask her why she wanted to do it. I felt the least I could do was to help her find whatever it was she was looking for. I think I may have been afraid of getting lonely and figured an attractive red-head was as good a companion as I could dream of.  
Steve McAllister


The Rucksack Letters: September 11, Salem
I wasn't even aware of the purpose of the structures other than the symbol of a city I may never fully understand--a faster pace than I've ever traveled, a deeper mystery of politics, commerce, and business than my mind could ever comprehend or my soul ever desire. The towers were my first true vision of New York City.  
Steve McAllister


Hubbard Glacier: a haibun
Lacy wavelets flow outward in ordered cadence from the ship's sides. The forward surge creates a playground for our accompanying dolphins.  
Allen McGill


The Polish Sub-Compact Effect
Leaving Dubai airport right now is a bit of a trick. They are building additional capacity for the millions who will soon be coming to this ultramodern jewel of a city, but at the moment, the place is chaos. They tore out the entrance to the airport to put in a new one, and where the curbside drop-off and taxi stands and rental car return areas should be, there is just a torn up hole of a place with a new parking ramp structure going in.  
Mike Spice (Travel Editor)




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