Oct/Nov 2004

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words frontier, pool, rhubarb, and pulse.


Two Poems
Ahead of me is a night of slush and snow,
of black fences and cold fires. Old rugs stained
with the crust of your lust.
Sarah Sorenson


Two Poems
I've seen even the best
laid flat like this in the end for lack of an age-proof vest,
but, still, a year is a year, and even dearer the nearer the trenches
Mike Chasar


I see them everywhere: small tributes
to those whose last breaths
were taken along these roads.
Karla Huston


Shipping News
My ballast tanks, in need of dry-dock and, some
might say, emergency repair, see me list more
to starboard than to port.
Allison McVety


The Helicopter and the Tiger
My mood drops down suddenly
like a helicopter in a squall.
Michael Estabrook


Last July
I hate
how these yellow sheets look lying there, the stain
the coffee cup leaves on the countertop
Lightsey Darst


Something girls admire
while taking in the sky,
opening then like tulips
to that murderous melt.
Adriana DiGennaro


Learning Painting
I think I'll settle for imagining
what my first painting will look like
tolulope ogunlesi


The Stick
you're given a stick.
Mark Melton


The Palm Reader
My body splays out above me, surreal
and stretched, a site in a carnival
fun house.
Carol Fant


shovel and pickaxe hit
the wall, drawing sparks in the fleeting light.
They speak little, but growl deep curses
Nick Bruno


Jesse Willis, Hard and Low
He was savoring the burn
of liquor in his throat,
steering Greedy's Highway
with one meaty hand
Tim Peeler


An Evening Clue for the Overlearned
How dreary to hope against hope
for a second bite at the cherry!
Alessio Zanelli


Their lips keep the lowly cantor
of a plea to Jesus Christ, but instinct sings
to higher, older ears, Pagan things.
Billy O'Callaghan


The Transfer to Higher Security
Queasy under the charring scrutiny
of her bifocals, I thump my shoes
until mud crusts her Tibetan carpet.
Arlene Ang


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