Oct/Nov 2004

e c l e c t i c a   n o n f i c t i o n


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Hendrix After Thirty Years
There are a couple of students here at this faculty party who weren't born when Hendrix died, and at least one couple too old to understand what the fuss is about ("Buddy Holly!" he shouts, "hasn't anybody here heard of Buddy Holly?"). But the rest of us are Sixties Children, all with our Hendrix memories and attitudes, and we're rapt before the TV.  
David Graham


Not a Ghost Story
The whole area grew to have a reputation for being haunted. People kept seeing the shade of a one-legged man peering from the empty windows, or two slender, graceful shadows walking through the lower meadow. Just harmless romanticism.  
Sherri Linn Kline


working with wet ones
i got to do an intervention today on a real drunk, who has scheduled and blown three appointments to get an assessment down there in nenana. he keeps showing up intoxicated. he can't understand why i think this is a problem.  
kat mcelroy


Marigold Crowns: Fighting for a Personal Theology
Every flower has something to say. Whole dictionaries have been dedicated to explaining what flowers say, this being especially important when flowers are gifts. For me, though, marigolds are not gifts whose meanings I feel compelled to discover. Instead, they are already present in my memory's images, their golden faces glowing.  
Alice Maahs


Mother Land
Fan blades, rubber belts, levers, wires and whirs and plug-ins. Debt, misunderstanding, lust, birth, luck. Mother turns the wheel of the possible as she rinses each blue dish.  
Anne Boyer


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