Jul/Aug 2004

e c l e c t i c a
s a l o n


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Lincoln, Douglas, and Us

Is it starry-eyed idealism on my part to want a president who, when asked about his favorite philosopher, can come up with a better answer than Rush Limbaugh? Am I crazy to want a man or woman in the oval office who has original, world-changing ideas?

Tom Dooley


Borges on Basketball

...it was a moment for gods, not men, capricious gods who took the liberty of toying with the integrity of my favorite sport, and I mainly blame Kukulkan the Serpent God of the Mayans for this divine travesty. The event sent me into a depression for days, while fans less enamored of the sport's history and integrity merely rejoiced in the spectacle.

CE Chaffin


Bad Apples, Heroes, Villains

The trouble is, cancer endangers the whole body. And the kind of rot that surfaced at Abu Ghraib is a cancer. It will require a systemic cure.

Paul J. Sampson


Tears of a Clown

But—and here's the kick in the ass—when we turn to those better angels, we lose sight of something. We pay a price. We almost always become cruel and selfish. That's true too. When you give yourself to ideals you will end up with blood on your hands.

Stanley Jenkins