Oct/Nov 2003

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words mint, binoculars, stereo, and prince.
Includes a special invitation for the next issue.


Two Poems
Armadillos, suicidal, leaping up to meet their demise
Like born-againers whose women are barred
From attending college.
Lisa Lewis


Two Poems
Pitiful, problematic, anachronistic man.
Papaya King junkie alone in a barren
white Manhattan kitchen man.
Kate Sontag


Two Poems
Those days she tried
to grow impatiens there before she knew
which ones could take the heat,
which ones would wither in the hot sun.
Paula Sergi


Two Poems
You could live 53 lifetimes
in a better place than Baraboo,
as even Baraboo has to admit
David Graham


Two Towns in Provence
This is the fantasy
of the tranquil man, the man who never talks
for pleasure, every word a coin.
Kristin Kovacic


Los Lunas
Grandma was tired
of the paper cup world, living her life fifty milligrams
at a time. So she ran, on legs we all thought were papier mache.
Nathan Fink


Towels sour
She lies wide awake
counting clock chimes—
each a regret, a spot
that blisters in her head
Jenna Rindo


I sat on my porch and ate fat
hamburgers and watched old
El Caminos roll by...
Jeff Scott


Anne Hathaway's Further Concerns
Judith boiled turnip for our supper
and baked two loaves of black bread.
Going into winter, we are careful
to eat nothing but what we can trade or make.
Michelle Cameron


Ramses the Great's
wife, bound to obedience
like a mummy to eternity, once spit
in his face when he
bent for a kiss.
Kenneth Rosen


We were in our own bodies
(that car that will carry us)
and you were in my body
(that care that will remove us)
Jessy Randall


st. david's bones
a woolen cap atop a chestnut hill
the gentle green, the mustard sill
dune and wind below a cotton ridge
along tea-bag rails on a wooden bridge
christopher watkins


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