Oct/Nov 2003

e c l e c t i c a  
m i s c e l l a n y


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A Last Night of Their Life (A Ten-Minute Play)
ROB: So let me get this straight: if I stick this forkful of pasta in my mouth...
DIANE: You'll be dead in time for the eleven o'clock news.
Michael Cocchiarale


Sophia Loren's Daughter?
"Is Sofia Loren's illegitimate daughter at Ischia?" This was the question posed by Il Golfo, a newspaper directed by Domenico Di Meglio.  
John Palcewski


Trigenderism: An Essay
...a woman would never be attracted to just a man, nor to just a zheman, but if the man and zheman are together, the woman has an instant attraction to the both of them.  
Darby Larson


Why I Don't Write
I'm beginning to think that the joke is on those who spend their time putting the black specks on the white pages while everyone else is out doing something that we would really like to be doing, but are too ashamed to admit.  
Kevin Brown


Of Lyricism And Literary Sensibility
Lyrical Ballads was quite truly a literary revolution. It still is for those who salute good books. It will, doubtless, continue to hold its charm so long as the world of words—in print or E-medium—exists.  
Rajgopal Nidamboor


Mathers' Trilogy
You see, they're not really trailer park girls. They're n-dimensional membranes that we perceive as trailer park girls under our specific circumstances. And it's equally valid to say they're going 'round the inside.  
Ptim Callan


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