Apr/May 2003

e c l e c t i c a  
m i s c e l l a n y


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Would you vote for this deity? (And would He even want you to?)
Stupid as I may be, though, I do take a certain pride in having my finger on the pulse of the nation. And the reality of the situation is that God is coming back in a big way, and has never been very far from the center of things to begin with. Public and press alike agree that the post-September 11 America (if the reader will excuse an overused but nonetheless indispensable phrase) is a more religious America.  
Barrett Brown


Robert Frost: Old Testament Christian or Atheist?
For most of his life, Frost vacillated between belief and skepticism, piety and irreverence, submission and rebellion. "He tossed the idea of God up and down like a ball," said critic Alfred Kazin.  
Gary Sloan


Peter Jackson's Phantasia: The Fellowship of the Ring
Sam is the archetypal side-kick. He is stalwart and steadfast—the marks of a true friend. Samwise keeps to Frodo out of loyalty, risking death on several occasions, and in this master-servant relationship, he is more than a mimesis, he is a phantasia, a figure that transcends the servant archetype to become a friend, as well.  
Elise McKenna


The Madness of King George the Second: Thoughts on the Failure of George W. Bush
I can't stand all of the "Proud to be an American" bumper stickers on all of the gas-guzzling vehicles that significantly raise the average US citizen's dependence on Middle Eastern oil. They might as well say "Proud to be Dependent on Foreign Oil." "Proud to be one of the 25% consuming 75% of everything." "Proud to be Rich in a Poor World."  
michael Spice


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